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Turkish for Beginners

Learn like you have never learned before in a relaxed, fun environment. Your experience on this course will be so far removed from traditional classroom learning that it will feel more like a fun two hours spent with a group of friends than a language class. Chataway adopt a revolutionary approach as we believe ANYONE can learn to speak another language. We use the principles of accelerated learning with all lessons engaging the seven intelligences of every learner in order to give you a fun and enjoyable experience, build your confidence and support your success.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t succeed at school or you may have achieved academically but struggled with languages, this course is designed for every type of learner including the reluctant one! Don’t worry if you have dyslexia or any other learning difficulty as long as you can talk you can learn a language with our fun and friendly approach that uses a wide variety of resources and activities to engage every learner.

The Chataway Turkish language course is suitable for people who do not know any Turkish but would either like to learn the basics before they go to Turkey or wish to start learning the language with a view to improve their career prospects, for relocation abroad or simply for a holiday.

With outstanding tuition, learning resources and facilities, our courses offer excellent opportunities to learn a new language. We have a wholly inclusive policy. Please let us know if you have any special requirements as we wish to support every learner to help them to succeed.

Location: Liverpool
Duration: 6 weeks
Hours: 2 hours per week


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Cost of the course: £180.00
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